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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 2, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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sad. we would be sad. >> yes, we will. that's what's making news in america erika: good morning. i'm erika tarantal. randy: and i'm randy price. stories we're following. tragedy in oregon. new information we're learning about the shooting on the college campus and what we're hearing from the father of the accused shooter. president obama: our thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> president obama calling for new action to stop gun violence. his passionate message for americans this morning. randy: and hurricane joaquin dumping a lot of rain on the bahamas this morning. the warning for the east coast. erika: for the latest on the path of the storm and the rain
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weather center for us. cindy: tracking hurricane joaquin, a category 4 hurricane, winds at 130 miles per hour. it is going to move away from the bahamas. the new forecast track is offshore. this is now not expected to make a u.s. landfall. we'll get a little deeper into joaquin coming up. once again, we're talking about the potential for minor coastal flooding at the time of high tide. we've got gusty winds over 30 miles per hour along the coast right now, and a wind advisory along the cape and the islands could see gusts of up to 45 day. we have a frontal boundary to our south. high pressure to the north. in between, that squeeze play of the wind. also now some rain. area now. notice by noontime, it gets heavier along the south coast and the cape. during the afternoon, it will lift a little farther north, but the heaviest rain from boston to worcester along the pike on southward. we're talking about temperatures
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wet, windy, raw, here as we go through friday. we'll talk more about joaquin and the area coming up. erika: for people along the coast, hurricane joaquin isn't the first concern. randy: the threatening high tides are already creating some nervous moments for people. last night. this is marshfield. the surf was up along the south shore. this neighborhood is now protected by a new sea wall, which eclipses its battered predecessor. >> 2 1/2 feet, that's a big difference. now let's hope they get a little spray rather than the full force. >> i feel much safer that the water will stay on that side of the sea wall and not come over. randy: as cindy is reporting, the astronomical high tide is decreasing. the next test in marshfield will be just after 2:00 this afternoon. now let's get a traffic update. olessa is here. olessa: so far, a fairly quiet
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a live look outside at the zakim bridge. you can see the moisture on the roadway. might be a little bit slick. we do have some overnight construction. 93 south at the zakim. also on the expressway at the south bay mall. south of town, some road work in place, the ramps from 93 to route 24 and again on 93 by route 138. there's also construction on 128 near great plain avenue. as you travel 128 a little north, we've got construction approaching the pike, on the ramp, and on the pike itself by newton corner. no issues north of town, and so far we're expecting trains and buses to start the morning on schedule. randy: right now we're getting new information about the oregon school massacre as hundreds gather to mourn the lives lost. at least nine people are dead. this morning we're hearing from the gunman's father for the first time. erika: the "eyeopener's" antoinette antonio following the overnight developments. antoinette: the gunman's father says his family is in absolute shock after his 26-year-old son went on a shooting rampage, killing at least nine people and
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wounding several others. the tight knit community of roseburg, oregon, is reeling with grief this morning. students ran for cover yesterday as the gunman, now identified as chris harper mercer, opened fire at umpqua community college. law enforcement sources tell abc news four firearms were recovered at the scene, three pistols, and an assault type rifle. they have also hinted the gunman may have left messages behind, the shooter's father speaking briefly last night. >> obviously, it's been a devastating day, devastating for me and my family. all i ask is i know you guys are here to do your job. all i ask is for you to just respect our privacy. so far you've done that. antoinette: seven others are wounded, three are in critical condition at this hour. the college campus will remain closed until at least monday. president obama: somehow this has become routine. we've become numb to this.
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erika: an emotional president obama says thoughts and prayers are not enough, and he's calling again for action from lawmakers on capitol hill. president obama: this is a political choice that we make to allow this to happen every few months in america. we collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones. because of our inaction. erika: the president is demanding tighter gun control laws. this is at least the eighth time in his presidency that he's addressed the nation after a mass shooting. randy: right now college campuses across the commonwealth are taking another look at their security. "the eye's" frank holland at the university of massachusetts campus with how they are responding. frank: with more than 50 colleges and universities in the boston area and more than 250,000 students, that rampage
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security plans. right now we're at umass boston. police on this campus say they work with students, staff, the faculty, and the city to make sure they have a security plan to keep everyone safe if the unthinkable should happen. >> the way we train, it's not if this happens, it's when this happens. that's the way we think as police officers. it's scary to think that way. >> look over our own plans to make sure we're doing the right thing. frank: the chief at umass boston has experience. he was there in 2007 when one student killed another on campus. tracking social media. we've seen in the past that some shooters telegraph their motives and plans online. frank holland, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: breaking news, the taliban claiming responsibility for a u.s. military plane crash. this morning 14 people are dead, including 6 american service members.
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crashed as it approached an airport in jalalabad. despite the claims, the air force says the plane was not shut down. new questions tied to this august fire at the charlton farm and winery. records obtained by the telegram show, after the first call was made to 911, it took firefighters 21 minutes to get to this fire. the owner claims firefighters went to the wrong location, and that's what caused the delay. other factors that delayed fighting the flames, a malfunctioning truck and a scramble to find a water source. randy: there are disturbing details and harsh words from massachusetts governor charlie baker, the subject the death of a 2-year-old girl in an auburn foster home. the governor speaks of unacceptable series of state failures after reading a report on the avalena conway-coxon case, the case of a young child who died in foster care under state supervision. medical findings in the report indicate the child died of heat stroke, but the governor also blamed a breakdown in procedures
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and families. governor baker: at different times, too many children were assigned to live in this foster home despite the glaring fact there was not enough space. the failures outlined in this will and must be properly corrected to ensure the safety of other children in the care of the department. randy: two d.c.f. employees have been reassigned and could face further disciplinary action. erika: this morning a second person has died after contracting west nile virus. that victim, a woman in her 90's. she's from suffolk county, and it's believed she contracted the virus there. the other man we learned about earlier in the week was also from suffolk county. the mosquito threat has been raised to high. a bill passed by the massachusetts state senate encourages doctors and health insurers to find new ways to treat patients in pain. they're encouraged to seek non-opioid medication, and the
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medical files would indicate if they now want the drug. it goes to the house for a vote. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch will focus on opioid addiction today. she'll speak with doctors and leaders in waltham. she'll focus on misuse of prescriptions in the bay state as well as fentanyl addiction. randy: coming up, hillary clinton is one-on-one with newscenter 5. hillary: i have to tell you, i'm just sick of this. erika: frustration from the front-runner following the shooting rampage at the oregon community college campus. randy: and a big break in a murder. the key piece of evidence helping police make an arrest. cindy: you don't want to leave umbrella. more rain coming in, wind as well, and the full outlook. your weekend forecast is ahead
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randy: 4:42 right now. at least ten people are dead, including the gunman, after police say he opened fire on the campus of an oregon community college. police say the 26-year-old christopher harper mercer was armed with two handguns and a rifle when he went on the shooting rampage at umpqua community college in the small town of roseburg. mercer was shot and killed by police. thousands attended a vigil last night for the victims. seven people are in the hospital this morning. at this point, we just don't know anything about what could have been the motive. erika: democratic front-runner hillary clinton goes one-on-one with newscenter 5, speaking out with janet wu. clinton reacted strongly to the
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she spoke in favor of universal background checks for gun buyers and waiting periods. clinton also said she's not afraid to take on the n.r.a. hillary: i'm going to try to do everything i can as president to raise up an equally large and vocal group that is going to prove to be a counterbalance, and we're going to tell legislators, do not be afraid. erika: clinton side stepped questions about vice president joe biden possibly entering the race. a warning tied to this burned up dishwasher. the recall that went unnoticed
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randy: the weekend is here, but we're wondering about joaquin. cindy: pretty amazing the evolution of joaquin. it went from a depression earlier in the week, ramped up quickly to a tropical storm, and now a major hurricane. for the past 24 hours, it has unfortunately been parked over the bahamas. they've really taken a beating, especially over the central bahamas. the change we have to pass along to you this morning is we are actually going to see a little more rain today. the showers that are out there today are going to taper off on saturday. your weekend is not a wash-out. but the track on joaquin is now offshore. that's a huge shift from what we were thinking just a couple days ago. the bulk of the computer models shifting this offshore as joaquin is going to continue to lift on northward.
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it's moving off the bahamas, but taking that right hand turn, weakening a little bit. notice how far away it is now from the eastern seaboard. as it makes its closest pass to us monday night into tuesday morning, it should be a good distance offshore. we are kind of not letting down our guard completely but feeling certainly more confident that we're not going to have a real big impact here across southern new england. in the meantime, we've got gusty winds this morning. look at these winds howling along the coast, gusting over 30 miles per hour. we still have astronomically high tides from the weekend super moon. once again this afternoon, at the time of high tide, we are concerned with splashover and minor coastal flooding from 1:00 this afternoon until 5:00 this evening. this weekend, tides running higher than normal, still going to have the wind. so between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m., those are the times you should be concerned over the weekend. the front that brought in heavy
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rain on wednesday, starting to back up a little bit, bringing in a little rain. you can see there are showers on the south shore and the cape. everything on the lighter side for the moment. it's just kind of a damp, raw, cool morning. 47 out the door in worcester. 52 in boston right now. temperatures are barely going to budge today. we may gain another couple of degrees in boston, but that's about it. staying around 50 in worcester, mid-50's on the cape, and all the while that wind is going to be very strong. strongest winds today into tomorrow on the cape and islands, where we do have a wind advisory out. sustained winds 20 to 25, but we could see gusts up to 45 miles an hour. let me walk you through the rain. staying on the lighter side, but by lunchtime, starts to pick up in intensity on the cape and the islands. we're not seeing a whole lot of rain, maybe a couple of showers as we get towards late afternoon and this evening. staying along and south of the pike as we go through the day. overnight, showers may lift up into southern new hampshire. we may start the day with
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as the day goes on, i think the rain lets up. in terms of how much additional rain, i'd say a half inch or less across the boston area with much less to the north. we could see one to two additional inches on the cape and the islands through tomorrow. we'll dry things out on saturday, but there's joaquin as we head towards sunday at 8:00 p.m. looks like it's staying far enough out to sea that it's not a big concern for us at all. your weekend is not a total washout. saturday looking better than sunday. damp in the morning and showers let up in the afternoon. sunday is looking dry. cloudy, windy, and cool. we may start to brighten up as long as joaquin stays away as we head into next week. cool and raw the next couple of days. olessa: it is october. certainly feels like it. so far it's a fairly quiet start on the roads. a little moisture out there. just be careful. it might be a little slick with the leaves down on the secondary roadways. that was the pike there.
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you may bump into a little overnight construction. road work on the expressway northbound by the south bay ball. and then some road work along 93 here, the ramps to route 24, still have that construction for another 15 to 20 minutes. 93 once again by route 138, construction in place. also road work on 128, great plain avenue to route 9, and then as you travel 128 passing by the pike, the ramps are still closed for the overnight hours. road work by newton corner. no issues heading north of town. so far, we're expecting the trains and buses to start the morning on schedule. randy: police have made an arrest in the 20-year-old murder of a woman who had just graduated college in this area. 42-year-old james whitkowski is now accused of murdering lena bruce. bruce was killed 23 years ago inside her massachusetts avenue apartment in the south end of the city. investigators found a wallet outside the murder victim's building with evidence that proved vital to cracking this case. >> inside that wallet was one
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tested, and it revealed one fingerprint that the b.p.d. latent print unit extracted, and it matched to james whitkowski's left thumb. randy: whitkowski is expected to be arraigned in court next week. erika: right now a warning involving a popular kitchen appliance. firefighters are concerned about a 2009 recall involving these bosch dishwashers, setting a potential fire hazard. a rhode island family learned about it the hard way. last month a fire broke out at their home, destroying the kitchen. the cause was the dishwasher. firefighters there say they've responded to seven fires since january, all caused by dishwashers. it's believed more than 600,000 of those machines are still being used in homes and have not been fixed. topping economic headlines this morning, hackers hit the t-mobile wireless network. the information of 15 million customers now compromised. the hackers actually got the information from the credit
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which t-mobile uses to check the credit status of its customers. t-mobile is offering hacked customers two years of free credit monitoring from experian. all eyes on the september jobs report due out this morning. asian stocks were muted overnight as investors wait for those numbers and the impact on the federal reserve. right now stock futures are a little higher after very little trading on thursday. randy: now a look at the stories trending online this morning. erika: a mother gets more than she bargained for when her online order arrived at the door. the box arrived with the intended birthday present for her son, a foam cutout from the minecraft series, but also 800 pounds of ammunition. randy: these sorority girls are sweeping the internet.
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the ladies of arizona state's alpha chi omega were too busy taking selfies than to watch the football players play ball. that got the intention of sportscenter 5 mike lynch. it's click click click for ourselfies and we don't feel any shame for it's one, two, three clicks for us and ourselfy ball game erika: there's a game going on? so cute. randy: all right, mike. thank you so much for that. you never know what's going to happen on newscenter 5 at 11:00. erika: he has a very nice voice. randy: sort of. roommate mystery in new hampshire. erika: the clues leading police to believe something suspicious has happened. then new on the "eyeopener" at 5:00, struggling with heading to the gym this morning. do yourself a favor and sleep
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four minutes before 5:00 on this friday morning, it's time for early news to go. >> an oregon community coming together to remember those killed in another mass shooting on a college campus. this morning at least ten people are dead, including the gunman. police say 26-year-old christopher harper mercer was armed with three handguns and a rifle when he went on a shooting rampage at umpqua community college in the small town of roseburg. mercer was killed in a shootout with police. seven people are in the hospital this morning. there's no word at this point on a motive. randy: the second victim of a
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daniel depew hit a brother and sister on , dragging the woman more than 200 yards down the street. the victims have been identified as gina and george burdick. depew is being held without bail. he's expected to face additional charges now. erika: police in new hampshire need your help finding these two roommates. 57-year-old sue hutchinson and 36-year-old stephen andrade have not been seen or heard from in more than ten days. hutchinson's family notified the family. andrade's family says his disappearance is also out of character. hutchinson's car was found a few blocks from the home. another car registered to her is missing. randy: lawmakers on capitol hill have passed a bipartisan bill that stops insurance premiums for small businesses. currently, the law defines small businesses as having up to 50 employees. that expands to 100 starting next year. under the new bill, the
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will stay the same. erika: the man giving hillary clinton a run for her money will be in massachusetts this weekend. bernie sanders has an event in springfield on saturday. later that night, he'll attend a rally at the convention center in south boston. meantime, the republican presidential candidates are in new england this weekend. randy: john kasich has three stops today, concord, golftown, and manchester. erika: the yankees clinching the wild card spot after beating the sox 4-1. mookie betts hitting an rbi single, devin herrera crosses the plate. the sox at it again, playing the indians tonight in cleveland. the first pitch at 7:10. randy: we're all excited about the weekend. erika: looks like a little more rain.
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randy: doesn't look awful, though. cindy: no. i think sunday is the better day overall. hurricane joaquin has winds up to 140 miles per hour and has been for the last 24 hours. barely moving over the bahamas. it will start to pull away from the bahamas over this weekend. there's been a big model shift eastward the past 24 hours. most of our models were taking us towards the carolinas or the mid-atlantic states. now most of them shifting us far enough offshore, it's not expected to make u.s. landfall. we have to watch this very carefully because it's a very powerful storm sitting here and spinning over the bahamas. the official forecast track taking this from the hurricane center away from land areas and away from us here. looks like limited impacts, if any, from joaquin as we work through the weekend. in the meantime, we still have concerns along the coastline. we've had several days of northeasterly wind. the tides are still astronomically high. we continue with beach erosion
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and coastal flooding at the high
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